Textile ERP handles marketing, sales forecasting, planning, merchandising, weaving, processing, raw material procurement, finished goods production, logistics, finance, secondary sales and disposal follow-up methods. Textile companies that do not have an ERP software program, manually monitor all of the above techniques without a digital report for future reference. This leads to administrative errors, poor workflow readiness, increased operational costs and loss of verbal communication between employees and delay in delivery.

Textile ERP software is specially designed for the textile industry, which processes a wide variety of raw materials, including Raw materials, finished products, cotton, yarn, ready- made garments. This software can be customized to suit your business. You can streamline operations by maintaining a record of the raw materials and resources used in the industry and coordinating with users.

Textile ERP software keeps a large number of records needed to perform an operation. It can be used at different levels of finance, accounting, sales, salaries, customs, HR, customer relationships and more.

Why choose Bigdbiz Textile ERP?

1. Bigdbiz Textile ERP is a complete solution for controlling end-to-end operations from planning, supply chain management, raw material procurement, logistics, order tracking.

2.Track the manufacture of goods by recording technical errors and getting the status of your order.

3. Organizations can reduce operating costs by improving decision making.

4. Improve communication between employees in different departments and maximize production.

5. Bigdbiz Textile ERP can be integrated into different departments of the industry to improve process flow.

6. Correct information will be delivered to each department.

7. It provides authenticated access to data and reports on processes that are processed at different levels.

8. Track changes or progress that occur at different stages and record them effectively.

9. To reduce inventory waste and improve lead times, manufacturers should adopt Textile ERP software.

10. This allows you to streamline operations and improve employee performance.

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