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Organizing your business's appointments is surpassing exactly by keeping your staff's calendar updated and allowing customers to book online. Indeed, you have to accommodate appointments, reschedule appointments of someone on short notice. Appointment scheduling apps remove the manual, recurring work related with managing schedules and lets you focus on enhancing your business.

Bigdbiz introduces you the appointment booking app. These appointment booking apps are business tools that allow customers to book, reschedule, and cancel their appointments through a web interface. This app has a specialty, it will be published in the playstore in your own brand/shop name. When customers wish for an appointment, then they can go to your own branded app from play store and choose service required with available date and time. This app is useful in service industry like Saloon, Beauty Parlor, Spa, Hospitals, Consultancy or any other profession.

On the backend, you can access the parameters about when the customers can book certain services. on the basis of business hours you set the times, dates and also depends on the availability of your staff or other resources. The app also averts double booking and over-booking. It also provides you the flexibility to block off times when certain services may be unavailable.


For this you have no need to pay Rs.15000/Rs. 20000

Starts at the cost of Rs.150/month and
the cost is based on number of products you would like to list in the app

Customers can download the app from the playstore

Customers can see all the services provided by you and they can select the services they need

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The advantages Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Using this software you can change the content of the app, add/edit/delete the service details, payment details, offers etc.,

You can check the appointments booked and restrict the number of bookings for some specific services per hour, per day, per week, per month etc.,

Customers can do the payment while booking the appointment itself.

At any time, any where you can update your app.

You can check the revenue of your shop based on days, weeks and so on.