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Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management

Find out how to make the selling process more efficient, successful, and, most importantly, more profitable. Bigdbiz Bakery POS Billing & Production Management software is a full-featured, easy-to-use software solution for all types of bakeries and confectioneries.

Bigdbiz Best Bakery ERP Software is built to meet the needs of the Bakery Industry, including quality control, recipe management, inventory management, employee scheduling, and Bakery POS Billing Intelligence.

Bigdbiz ERP Bakery software India manages all aspects of your baking business. Our bakery POS billing system can boost efficiency, utilize resources, cut waste, simplify throughput, and provide complete transparency. Bigdbiz Bakery Management system (POS and Production) helps you to track wastage and theft.

Our Bakery ERP is the industry's best desktop and cloud-based software for bakers and cake decorators, allowing you to run your business from any device. Bigdbiz bakery software is designed to function on a variety of platforms, providing equal access to your POS system, making it easier and faster for everyone from small independents to huge corporate franchise restaurant groups. The centralized kitchen helps you to link multi-chain outlets with a kitchen/production and manage inventory in and out.

Bigdbiz ERP software is essential for attaining real "first-expiry, first-out" (FEFO) stock management. Our bakery production software helps bakeries reduce wastage and theft. Everything is contained in a Bigdbiz Bakery ERP Software.

Benefits of an ERP for bakery Industry

Productively deal with Inventory

Using Bigdbiz Bakery ERP, you can streamline your retail bakery inventory and focus on what you do best: baking wonderful baked goods. With dynamic reports, forecasts, and insights, our Bigdbiz Bakery software gives you smart ways to keep track of your bakery inventory. As a result, bakeries and other food manufacturing sectors will avoid bottlenecks and surplus inventory, and will have comprehensive control over all aspects of their operations. Bigdbiz bakery inventory management is all you'll ever need!

Minimize Waste and Manage Capitulate

In the bakery industry, waste leads to inefficiency, increased overhead, and lower earnings. You can do a stock check at the beginning and end of the day to determine stock consumption using Bigdbiz Bakery Production Software.& Bakery POS Billing. Our ERP system can help you become more efficient by allowing you to more properly organise stock by expiration dates, reducing the possibility of costly wastage.

Improve the Product’s Sales

Bigdbiz Bakery Production Software and Bakery POS Billing will help your business simplify operations and get your items to market faster and at less money. All MIS reports including customer information and transaction history are available in our Bakery ERP software. As a result, Our Bakery ERP keeps track of all product information and assists the company in implementing the desired sales techniques, such as direct selling in high-traffic outlets, in exchange for a shift in attention to more revenue-generating activities.

Minimize Costs

Bigdbiz Bakery Production Software brings all of the activities of production management together in one place. It enables manufacturers to track and analyze true material, labour, and other costs in each production batch with confidence. Our Bakery ERP Software can help you to save money on administrative and operational expenditures while also improving information sharing.

Fortify the Quality Products

The Bigdbiz Bakery software's built-in quality control module allows manufacturers to develop and apply quality tests at various levels of the supply chain, track results, and only allow processes to progress to the next stage if they pass the corresponding quality tests. As a result, you will be able to obtain products of consistent quality.

Stock Transfer

Bigdbiz Bakery helps bakeries with single outlet to multiple chain of outlets. Our software helps to stock transfer from Production to various branches/outlets/retail. Even inter-branch stock transfer is possible with stock request and transfer module. This will help to reduce wastage.Damaged / Fungus contaminated stock return option is also available.

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Bakery ERP

Applicable for...

Restaurant / Bar

Cafe / Ice Cream

Bakery / Sweets

Chain Outlets

Quick Service

Food Court

Food Trucks

Best Bakery Shop Software

The features Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Order Form

Bigdbiz Bakery POS Billing software allows consumers to place orders in advance and manage deliveries, improving order accuracy. You may manage several order streams and set delivery date and time reminders to ensure that no orders are forgotten.

SMS Alert

By sending them personalised wishes on their birthdays and anniversaries, our Bigdbiz bakery software lets you create a special connection with your clients.

Shelf Life Management

With our Bakery Software, you'll be able to see which products are due to expire and which ones have already passed their expiration date. This also aids in the management of bakery inventory and the understanding of client preferences, reducing food waste, which is unfortunately on the rise these days.

Wastage & Theft Control

Bigdbiz Bakery POS systems enable centralized product tracking, making it easier to keep track of all bakery product sales information. Internal theft is prevented by using a Bigdbiz POS system to track all bakery operations. Our Bakery Software keeps a tight eye on orders, inventory consumption, and determines whether or not there have been any concerns with wastage and theft or damage .

Centralized Production Management

Our Bakery Software gives you real-time information about production schedules, capacity, material planning and costs. As a result, you can use Centralized Production Management to handle the stock requirements of multiple outlets. Improve food safety, minimize waste, and create a more transparent supply chain with our ERP software.

Detailed Report and Analytics

Bigdbiz POS offers a variety of customisable reports to assist you better understand what your consumers desire and what your company requires. View hourly sales data, item-by-item reports, and other reports in Bigdbiz bakery pos billing to obtain a better understanding of your bakery business.

Receipe Book

Bigdbiz Bakery Production Software has Receipe Book Maintanance and execution allows you to retain the quality of your bakery products. The comparison of estimated output and actual output defines the efficiency of chef and find out reason for variation.

Cloud Based

Being at one place you can manage and track the function of Branch. Can control even when yo are remote from the location by the web-based feature. You can control the business with Mobile/Tablet/Laptop from anywhere.

Feed Back Form

The one most important success in a business is, to get feedback reaching right persons. In this way, Bigdbiz Bakery Management System ( Bakery Production Software & bakery pos billing) receive and store feedback of customers and reach the related person directly. Even by Email. Using Bigdbiz bakery software, You can control the business with Mobile/Tablet/Laptop from anywhere.

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FAQ of Bigdbiz Bakery POS Software

What is Bakery POS software?

A Bakery POS software automates the day-to-day activities of a bakery and reduces employee workload. It helps in all areas such as quick billing to bust long queues, bulk order management to plan, prepare and deliver the bulk orders on time, real-time reports on top-selling items, advance ordering and tracking real-time ingredient consumption.

Why do bakery shops need a Bakery POS system?

Bakeries are one of the favorite hangout spots for kids and adults alike, so they're packed anytime. Managing the crowd during rush hours and on special occasions can be challenging. To keep this process simple and on time, bakery POS software is essential. This POS system helps you manage advance orders, track inventory, monitor the shelf life of perishable items and perform quick billing. You can also use a cloud-based solution to run your business and access real-time reports on your mobile device.

Benefits of using a Bakery POS software

The benefits of using POS software in the bakery are:
      - It helps customers to do a faster checkout
      - With bakery Point of Sale, you can monitor ingredient levels and alert you when an item is due to expire
      - By using Bakery POS software, you can keep track of your expenses, plan your spending based on accurate information, and keep track of each transaction
      - It helps you to create loyalty and rewards programs to keep your customers happy
      - It allows you to plan, produce and distribute bulk orders efficiently and easily.

How to choose the right Bakery Management Software?

The following factors should be considered before choosing POS software for bakeries
      - Intuitive user experience - Make sure that the Bakery POS software you choose is intuitive, simple to learn, and easy to use. It reduces training efforts and improves employee satisfaction
      - Online order Management - There is an increasing number of online food orders coming from food aggregators such as Swiggy and Zomato. Ensure that the software you select can manage multiple aggregators on one screen
      - Inventory Management - Choose a bakery POS solution that eases out your inventory management process without any hassle. The solution should be equipped with an Inventory Management System that keeps track of all the inventory in different stages
      - Security - Strong POS systems should be equipped with the most advanced software security systems with full end-to-end encryption
      - Multichannel support - A POS system should be versatile enough to meet the requirements of your business, whether it is a standalone PC or tablet, local or cloud-based
      - Report Generation - The Bakery POS systems should provide deeper insights into your business that will enable you to make the right decisions at the right time to ensure you achieve the best results. With the data, you should always be able to see what the bestsellers are, repeat customers, lean and peak sale periods, and in particular, the status of inventory and production.

Why is Bigdbiz the best Bakery shop management software in India?

Bigdbiz offers you the best Bakery shop management software in India, which is designed and developed after a detailed field study and considering real-life scenarios and operational procedures of Bakery businesses. The Bakery POS software can benefit your business in many ways, from managing bulk orders to creating attractive discounts for existing and new customers, managing recipes, monitoring the ingredients stock level and managing online orders from various online food aggregators on a single screen. In addition, it offers multiple digital solutions, including Order Easy for online ordering, What’s Now for complete business assistance, my Pulse for management of customer feedback, and Serve Joy for order processing.

How to download free bakery billing software from Bigdbiz?

Try Bigdbiz Bakery billing software for free.


What does Bakery Management do

  • Onetime stock inwards @ production unit
  • Daily Stock Request from Store
  • Auto-stock inwards at Store
  • Track Cancelled Bill
  • Daily tracking Over-due Orders
  • Auto-pay bill system on cake orders
  • Tracking FIFO Stock
  • POS Billing
  • Track on Daily Expenses/Hourley sales
  • Track on credit sales
  • Semi-Auto Day closing with prompt mailing



Kitchen KIT

  • Receipe Management
  • Raw Material Management
  • Raw Material Minimum Purchase Level Alert
  • Automatic Goods Inward Records
  • Store Items Inward & Outward Management
  • Multi Store Transfer Management & Reports
  • Multi Store Stock Return Receive Management & Reports
  • Third Party Supply Chain Management

Retail / Store Billing

  • Point Of Sales
  • All Order Management
  • Automatic Goods Receive Note
  • Inter Stock Transfer Management
  • Dinning Management
  • All Reports Management
  • Category Items Wise Report
  • MIS Report
  • Interval Business Report
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Add-On Modules:

– Expense Mgmt.

– Mobile App

– Invoice & DC

– E-mail Campaign

– Auto E-mail & SMS Reminders

– Accounting Module