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Manage multiple outlets, Franchise and kitchen/production efficiently with our Bakery Software

Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management
Bakery Management

Our Best Bakery ERP Software - ERP simplifies everything from reporting, inventory management, employee scheduling, and Bakery POS Billing Intelligence to recipe management.Our bakery software is Desktop-based / Cloud-based anywhere, any device access makes daily tasks easier, simpler and faster for everyone from small independents to large corporate franchise restaurant groups. Our Bakery Production Software Controls Wastage & Theft. This is All-in-one Bakery ERP Software.

Regardless of the size of your bakery or the number of locations you have, you can use Bigdbiz bakery ERP software ( Bakery POS software with Bakery Production Software) with to meet your processing, distribution, and accounting needs. Our bakery POS billing software helps to manage orders from zomato, swiggy, uber etc.,

Benefits of an ERP for bakery Industry

Productively deal with Inventory

With Bigdbiz Bakery ERP software, Adequately managing perishable inventory is a nonstop conflict. By automating the entry of order to allow for more accurate real-time order management scrutinizing which can help the management to retain a high quality of service for the consumers with our bakery software .

Minimize Waste and Manage Capitulate

Improving the daily in-stock percentages aids to build the customer confidence in turn prevents the revenue loss. As having overstock is lavish and also may lead to the expiring stock, minimizing the excess and obsolete inventory will have a direct impact on the manufacturer’s bottom line using our bakery software that has both Bakery Production Software .& bakery pos billing

Improve the Product’s Sales

Bigdbiz Bakery ERP Software enriches the company by automating so many tasks, improving the product rotations, execute in-store personalized selling and exhibit products and also manage a lot of marketing campaigns that the company can do to uphold their company with our bakery software.

Minimize Costs

Our bakery erp software - Bakery Production Software & bakery pos billing helps in streamlining the planning and scheduling of man power and other processes which in turn, aids to reduce the costs of an offensive labor and purchased inventory and reduce the overhead costs of changeovers and clean-downs.

Fortify the Quality Products

Our Bigdbiz bakery pos billing helps in Inventory monitoring, Quality Control and firmness tests all facilitate the company to lessen the cost of potentially decayed or products that are unfit for consumption with our Bakery Production Software .

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Best Bakery Shop Software

The features Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Order Form

Bigdbiz Bakery POS Billing software lets you accept Advance Orders from your customers. Set reminders for the delivery date and time so that you don’t miss out on any orders.

SMS Alert

Our Bigdbiz bakery software helps to Create a special connect with your customers by sending them customized greetings on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Shelf Life Management

Using our bakery software Serve only the freshest and the best items to your customers. Bigdbiz Bakery Production Software helps in Shelf Life Management feature ensures that the perishable items in the stock are sold within the expiration date.

Wastage & Theft Control

Bigdbiz Bakery ERP Software with Bakery Production Software features the stock management / inventory management in an effective way to track wastage ad control theft. The stock generated from Production is transfer to various branched based on their demand controls wastage and theft.

Centralized Production Management

Using our Bakery Production Software, Manage the stock requirements of multiple outlets through Centralized Production Management. Bigdbiz bakery software helps to get a better control on the items baked, delivered, and wasted until the finished product is out for sale.

Detailed Report and Analytics

View in-depth reports about the total sales happening at your Bakery using Bigdbiz bakery software. In Bigdbiz bakery pos billing, view hourly sales reports, item-wise reports etc to get a better grasp of your bakery business.

Receipe Book

Bigdbiz Bakery Production Software has Receipe Book Maintanance and execution allows you to retain the quality of your bakery products. The comparison of estimated output and actual output defines the efficiency of chef and find out reason for variation.

Cloud Based

Being at one place you can manage and track the function of Branch. Can control even when yo are remote from the location by the web-based feature. You can control the business with Mobile/Tablet/Laptop from anywhere.

Feed Back Form

The one most important success in a business is, to get feedback reaching right persons. In this way, Bigdbiz Bakery Management System ( Bakery Production Software & bakery pos billing) receive and store feedback of customers and reach the related person directly. Even by Email. Using Bigdbiz bakery software, You can control the business with Mobile/Tablet/Laptop from anywhere.

Bakery POS System

Bakery POS System

Bakery KOT APP

Bakery KOT APP

Bakery Production Management

Bakery Production Management


What does Bakery Management do

  • Onetime stock inwards @ production unit
  • Daily Stock Request from Store
  • Auto-stock inwards at Store
  • Track Cancelled Bill
  • Daily tracking Over-due Orders
  • Auto-pay bill system on cake orders
  • Tracking FIFO Stock
  • POS Billing
  • Track on Daily Expenses/Hourley sales
  • Track on credit sales
  • Semi-Auto Day closing with prompt mailing



Kitchen KIT

  • Receipe Management
  • Raw Material Management
  • Raw Material Minimum Purchase Level Alert
  • Automatic Goods Inward Records
  • Store Items Inward & Outward Management
  • Multi Store Transfer Management & Reports
  • Multi Store Stock Return Receive Management & Reports
  • Third Party Supply Chain Management

Retail / Store Billing

  • Point Of Sales
  • All Order Management
  • Automatic Goods Receive Note
  • Inter Stock Transfer Management
  • Dinning Management
  • All Reports Management
  • Category Items Wise Report
  • MIS Report
  • Interval Business Report
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Add-On Modules:

– Expense Mgmt.

– Mobile App

– Invoice & DC

– E-mail Campaign

– Auto E-mail & SMS Reminders

– Accounting Module