Car Parking Management System - Car Parking Automated System

An integrated smart parking system to automate end-to-end parking processes.

Parking in open parking structures is usually a tough one and it is not pleasurable. Outmoded parking garages, highly used car parks must need more space and superior cars make parking a real challenge in urban areas for most of the drivers. With Bigdbiz, you can provide a unique service which makes it user friendly to park – just like parking in our own personal garage.

A flawless solution for current car parking and traffic problem in cities is nothing but Bigdbiz Automated Car Parking System that provides utmost efficiency, ease, safety & reliability. It is uniquely positioned to handle the rapidly growing market all across the globe.

Automated Car Parking System

This system is a technique of automatically parking and recollecting the cars which typically use a scheme of frames and lifts. The aim of this method is to compress more number of cars in the same given space. It can be located above or below the ground or combining both.
These parking systems are alike to the robotic valet parking. The driver has to take the car till the entry area, then the car has to be voided, the driver along with the passengers out of the car. The driver does payment in an automated terminal close by and he acquires the ticket.
Then the car gets hoisted by the mechanical system and is elated to a preset spot saved for parking in the system. Being more refined, the system acquires the dimensions of cars and finds an apt place for it. Mostly, the operator tries to fit the car into the minimum parking space that is available.
The driver retrieves the car by inserting the ticket or code he had received earlier, into a terminal that is automatized. The car is lifted by the APS from the parking space and is delivered to the exit area. Basically, the purpose of this system is to reduce the need for parking associates.

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The features Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Accommodates maximum cars in minimum space

Customized parking solution

Low maintenance and operation cost

Safety for both car and the driver

Faster parking and retrieval

Advantages Of Car Parking Automated System

The advantages of Bigdbiz Car Parking Automated System are:


Modular design makes the system look very attractive & Easy operation with several control options


Accommodates different car heights and large, luxury cars in minimum space

Cost Effective

Improves financial viability of commercial and residential developments

Saves Time

The volume and visual impact of the parking structure is minimized. It reduces parking and retrieval time.

Car Safety

Cars parked are free from theft and damages that can e caused while parking and retrieving

Safer for drivers

Drivers collect their cars from secure waiting areas; thus no need to walk through a car park