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Hotel Room Booking System

At the moment, having a strong web presence and providing excellent customer service are the two most important factors in growing a successful hospitality business.

Are you seeking a booking system that is simple to use for your hotel? Then look no further; Bigdbiz Hotel Management Software is all-in-one and provides the most effective technique for increasing bookings.

Bigdbiz Hotel Management Software is a room reservation and management system for hotels, military guest houses, motels, resorts, inns, lodges, hostels, suites, ranches, apartments, medical facilities, and bed and breakfast companies. Your reservations can be accessed at any time and from any location. There are no updates or installations required. It’s a web-based software, that can be access via any browser with any gadgets , laptops, desktops, tabs etc.

Bigdbiz Hotel Management Software has come a long way in assisting hotels with both cloud-based and on-premise solutions that encompass all the essential features such as: Room Booking, Advance/Reservation Booking, Room Blocking, Shifting, Laundry, Restaurant, Spa, maintenance, Billing and Invoicing, Reporting and Analytics, and other aspects of their operations.

You can now manage all of your day-to-day operations from a single, integrated Bigdbiz hotel management software, with modules dedicated to everything from maintenance and room service requests to payment reminders via SMS, Whatsapp or Email.

Bigdbiz hotel management software not only supports single outlet Hotels but also for larger hotels and chains in order to provide a smooth check-in and check-out procedure for visitors, boost staff productivity, and maximize income. All the properties can be managed and reports can be viewed from super admin login. Check all the activities from one place without hassle.

Hotel Management Software, Hotel Reservation Software (Billing Software), Hotel Room Booking with Restaurant Management Software and Hotel Accounting Software are just a few of the major modules included in the Bigdbiz Hotel Management Software.

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Major Modules covered...

Hotel ERP

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Hotel Room Booking Software

The features of Bigdbiz hotel billing software - room booking software will provide that will make your operations smooth. It is the best room booking app and hotel billing software

Hotel Status from the Main Screen - Dashboard

Bigdbiz Hotel Room Booking System Software has a user-friendly dashboard. Bigdbiz Hotel Billing Software notifies you of room statuses such as Reserved, Blocked, Clean/Unclean, Available, and so on. Details about the guest's check-in and check-out, as well as information on the person who made the advance booking, such as their arrival date and time. With our Hospitality Software, you can see revenue projections in detail in a chart.

Multi Tariff Map for a Room

Bigdbiz Hotel Management Software helps you reclaim control and consolidate material, resulting in higher-quality data and, ultimately, higher customer satisfaction. Our billing software allows users to create multiple rate tariffs for a single room, which can then be mapped out for different seasons. Convert the AC room to a non-AC room and set the tariff as usual. Using a room series, you can create numerous rooms at once.

Room Blocking

The management of room blocks in Bigdbiz is simplified. Make modifications to reservations and book complimentary accommodations quickly. Inventory and booked rooms can be sorted by blocks, sub blocks, hotel, attendee group, and other criteria. Our HMS Software allows users to update their rooms and availability in real-time.

Within the software, users can create room blocks and unblocks, see rooming lists, track availability status, pay a master invoice or individual reservations, and enjoy quick and easy group check-in and out.

Night Auditing

The night audit process generates a variety of useful hotel information for a particular day, such as room details, counter-wise revenue details, revenue earned per-room/POS outlet, tax collected per room/POS outlet, cancellations and no-shows, temporary reservations, and so on. On the day of closing, Bigdbiz Hotel Management Software - Hospitality Software creates reports for Night Auditing.

Credit Billing

Bigdbiz hotel billing system is intended to handle all aspects of the hotel's business, including Room Billing, Banquet Billing, Revenue Management, GST Management, and so on. Our hotel billing software handles credit billing and pending payments. The amount owed by the user can be readily tracked and paid upon receipt. Even when the consumer visits the next time, an alert on a pending due will be sent out.

Taxation and MIS Reports

GST filing becomes very handy with our GST report in excel/pdf. Our MIS reports provide historical data on your property's previous performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. View comprehensive reports on the total revenue earned at your property. As a result, you'll be able to set the right price to sell the right room to the right guests at the right time, resulting in more revenue.

Export to .xls, .pdf

You can export data from a software to Excel and PDF for improved auditing with our Hotel Management Software Reports. Tax reports, such as the GST report and the Form II report, can also be generated and exported in Excel format.

Calendar Report

Bigdbiz Hotel Management system helps to see your upcoming booking and reservation in a calendar view to schedule your employees based on that. All the booking for upcoming week, month or even year.

SMS/Email Alert

Bookings, cancellations, and transaction status will all be alerted to your customers via email and SMS. Sending personalized wishes on their birthdays and anniversaries will help you build a stronger bond with your consumers.

Web/Window Based Application

Bigdbiz hotel management software was created with internet reservations and front desk solutions in mind. You can grant yourself remote access to your system, allowing you to make adjustments and updates to your hotel's operations whether you're on site or not. You can manage your business from anywhere using his smart phone, tablet, or laptop.



  • Web / Windows based application
  • Create Single/Bulk Rooms
  • Bulk/Advance/Walk-in Room Booking
  • Banquet Hall Booking
  • User friendly.
  • Calender View Report
  • Tracks Customer Previous History
  • From II Report
  • Track Pending Due Amount
  • Easy account maintenance.
  • 100+ reports to cover every aspect
  • Detailed taxation report
  • Export report in different formats such as .xls, .pdf.
  • Print &Preview



  • Guest Check-In/Check-Out Screen
  • Additional Charge posting and defining Additional Charge Package
  • Room Discount can be applied
  • Split option to separate on extra charge and room tariff
  • Option for guests opting for longer stay
  • Advance deposit and refund option
  • Direct Billing options
  • Identify from the main screen if room is vacant or reserve or checked-in or Unclean or Blocked mode
  • Night Audit process and reports
  • Room Blocking Option
  • Credit billing option with tracking repayment
  • Single Reservation and Group Reservation Option
  • Room Inventory View for 7 days, 14 days, or more
  • Direct Single / Bulk Booking
  • Option to Cancel or No Show Any Reservation Or Group Booking
  • Group Check In & Check Out
  • Applying season/multiple Rate for each room.
  • Printing of Guest Registration receipt
  • Laundry in/Out
  • Laundry Pending/Available Stock
  • Booking and Reservation of Conference & Banquets
  • Fill up enquiry form
  • Convert Enquiry to Booking
  • Track Expected Arrivals
  • Daybook Reports
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Add-On Modules:

– Expense Mgmt.

– Mobile App

– Invoice & DC

– E-mail Campaign

Add-On Functionalities:

– Cloud Telephony Integration

– Auto E-mail & SMS Reminders

– Website Contact Form Integration with Leads

– E-mail Templates Integration with Leads (ex. Indiamart, Trade India etc.)

– Approvals & Escalations

– Multi-Company Header Footer in Quotations

– Product Image Upload

– Outlook 2010 E-mail Integration