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Hotel Room Booking System

In dynamic hotel industry, the sustainable success of your hotel significantly lies on the use of an efficient property management solution. Evidently, we can't stress enough the importance of an integrated hotel software that automates hotel operations. Keeping in mind the complexity of hospitality, Bigdbiz room booking software are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other facilitating you to streamline all your hotel operations with our Hospitality Software.

Bigdbiz Hotel Management Software - room booking software is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of properties like the hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, B & B's, small hotel franchisees, clubs, condo's, hostel and apartments. Hotel Room Booking System is simplified UI for fast adaption and manage Frontoffice, Back office, Spa, Saloons, Restaurant can be managed in this Hospitality Software.

It has a whole range of integrated modules to cover every aspect of property management. Bigdbiz Hotel Management Software is also beneficial to its users who can be a Director, General Manager, Front office or Reservation Manager in performing their duties efficiently as the software offers a wide range of modules to smoothen the Operations process and also offers numerous reports to help them analyze their work. We are providing Hotel management software india

Major Modules covered...

Hotel Room Booking Software

The features of Bigdbiz hotel billing software - room booking software will provide that will make your operations smooth. It is the best room booking app and hotel billing software

Hotel Status from the Main Screen - Dashboard

Bigdbiz Hotel Billing Software notifies the status of Room like Reserved, Blocked, Clean/Unclean, Available etc. The Guest Checkin/Out details, Advance booking person details with their arrival date and time etc.Revenue projection in Chart details with our Hospitality Software.

Multi Tariff Map for a Room

Our Property management system - hotel billing software allows user to set multiple rate tariff for a single room for mapping on various season. Convert AC room to Non-AC, set tariff as on. Create multiple rooms at a time with a room series formed.

Room Blocking

Using Bigdbiz room booking software, User can block room for any Expected Arrivals/Reservation or Maintanance. Bigdbiz Hotel Billing Software easily handles blocking and unblocking rooms in user-friendly manner.

Night Auditing

Bigdbiz Hotel Management Software - Hospitality Software generates reports for Night Auditing on the Day Closing. User can submit reports to admin for Auditing purposes.

Credit Billing

Credit Billing and Pending payment is handled in Bigdbiz hotel billing software. The pending due from user can be easily tracked and can be paid on receipt. Alert on pending due will be notified, even when the customer arrives next time.

Taxation and MIS Reports

View in-depth reports about the total revenue generated happening at your Property. View Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annual Transaction reports, Room-wise / Type-wise reports etc to get a better grasp of your Hotel business.

Export to .xls, .pdf

All major reports can be Exported to Excel and PDF for better Auditing process. The Taxation reports like, GST report/Form II Report can also be generated and exported in Excel format

Web/Window Based Application

Being at one place you can manage and track the function of Branch. Can control even when yo are remote from the location by the web-based feature. You can control his business with his Mobile/Tablet/Laptop from anywhere.

SMS/Email Alert

Get SMS/Email alert on checkin/checkout. Create a special connect with your customers by sending them customized greetings on their birthdays and anniversaries.



  • Web / Windows based application
  • Create Single/Bulk Rooms
  • Bulk/Advance/Walk-in Room Booking
  • Banquet Hall Booking
  • User friendly.
  • Calender View Report
  • Tracks Customer Previous History
  • From II Report
  • Track Pending Due Amount
  • Easy account maintenance.
  • 100+ reports to cover every aspect
  • Detailed taxation report
  • Export report in different formats such as .xls, .pdf.
  • Print &Preview



  • Guest Check-In/Check-Out Screen
  • Additional Charge posting and defining Additional Charge Package
  • Room Discount can be applied
  • Split option to separate on extra charge and room tariff
  • Option for guests opting for longer stay
  • Advance deposit and refund option
  • Direct Billing options
  • Identify from the main screen if room is vacant or reserve or checked-in or Unclean or Blocked mode
  • Night Audit process and reports
  • Room Blocking Option
  • Credit billing option with tracking repayment
  • Single Reservation and Group Reservation Option
  • Room Inventory View for 7 days, 14 days, or more
  • Direct Single / Bulk Booking
  • Option to Cancel or No Show Any Reservation Or Group Booking
  • Group Check In & Check Out
  • Applying season/multiple Rate for each room.
  • Printing of Guest Registration receipt
  • Laundry in/Out
  • Laundry Pending/Available Stock
  • Booking and Reservation of Conference & Banquets
  • Fill up enquiry form
  • Convert Enquiry to Booking
  • Track Expected Arrivals
  • Daybook Reports
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Add-On Modules:

– Expense Mgmt.

– Mobile App

– Invoice & DC

– E-mail Campaign

Add-On Functionalities:

– Cloud Telephony Integration

– Auto E-mail & SMS Reminders

– Website Contact Form Integration with Leads

– E-mail Templates Integration with Leads (ex. Indiamart, Trade India etc.)

– Approvals & Escalations

– Multi-Company Header Footer in Quotations

– Product Image Upload

– Outlook 2010 E-mail Integration