Garment ERP software is specifically designed for the apparel industry that helps garment manufacturers in managing all their complicated business tasks from managing day-to-day business activities, inventory, production, orders, sales, costs, and many more.

Store all your data

Implementing Garment ERP software can help you to store all your important data in one centralized location and allow you to share them with all your team members and business partners. This information can be accessed at any time and location by your trusted employees in order to make improved business decisions.

Inventory Management & Order Tracking

Managing supply chain and orders is the biggest challenge for the apparel industry. But with apparel ERP software, this task will be easier. Now you can track each of your interactions with the suppliers to better manage your warehouse and get a complete overview of your inventory, stock availability to fulfill customers’ orders on time.

Bigdbiz Apparel ERP - Production Software - Complete process flow

Customer Relationship

By integrating your CRM software with your Apparel ERP system, you can gain deep insights into your customers, understand their needs and demands. You can track each interaction and communication with your customers and use various techniques to build a better relationship with your customers. Maintaining good relationships with customers help you to build customer trust and satisfaction.

Control Cost

Now cost control in the apparel industry can effectively be done using ERP software. An ERP system offers automation that can help you to reduce the operational cost of your business. It helps you replace all your old and outdated manual processes with the latest and advanced features and technologies that help you to better manage and control your business costs.

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