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Restaurant POS Software System

Every organization and industry is slowly but steadily integrating technology. It has now become an essential aspect of simplifying restaurant operations and an integral part of the whole operation.

With user-friendly Bigdbiz restaurant pos software, your chances of providing excellent customer care to each table are greatly increased!

Bigdbiz Restaurant POS Software for the Bar and Restaurant POS Sector assists a restaurant in managing all forms of orders, menus, shifts, tables, billings, payments, and everything else. Specially created to serve and help restaurant management, this software streamlines every aspect of the restaurant's operations, making restaurant management a breeze for the restaurateur.

Bigdbiz restaurant POS supports order taking, order management (KOTs, kitchen display systems), inventory management, and more. It's a cloud-based point-of-sale system for restaurants, cafés, bars, bakeries, food trucks, ice cream parlour, bistros, and cloud kitchens. Bigdbiz POS (point of sale) is available in both cloud and offline versions. That has multiple branch support with centralized kitchen option.

Our restaurant management system includes features such as Menu Management & Costing, Stock Purchases, Stock Issued, Wastage Management, Table & Reservation, Billing, Parcel, Bar & Kitchen Management, Employee Management, Inventory Management, Vendor Management, CRM (customer relationship management), Reporting and Analysis, Tablet ordering, Feedback Management, and Happy Hours.

Key Features Of Restaurant/Bar Management System

Online ordering platform

Restaurant POS

Table reservation System

Restaurant marketing management

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Applicable for...


Bars & NightClubs

Fast Foods


Take Away / Delivery

Food Court

Food Trucks

Quick Services

Casual Dining

Sandwitch & Cafe

Best Restaurant Software - BIGDBIZ POS

The features Bigdbiz restaurant billing software - pos billing software will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Table Management

Table Management

Bigdbiz's Restaurant/Bar Management software boosts table turns every shift, keeping customers happy and increasing profits. The technology delivers orders from the POS to the KOT App with Kitchen Display instantly, assuring rapid and accurate service. You can use a table management function to create a representation of your restaurant's layout to keep track of open tables, open orders, and seat your clients efficiently. The user-friendly graphical interface assists you in properly serving your guests by displaying order progress for each table and alerting you to any delays. Orders from third-party apps like Swiggy, Zomato, and others can be managed.

POS Billing

POS Billing

Bigdbiz Restaurant Software will allow you to provide table-side service, upsell / cross-sell items, boost kitchen efficiency, and keep you informed by delivering all reports. We can assist you in increasing sales, reducing waste, and increasing your profit margins. With or without a touch screen POS machine, Bigdbiz POS Software assists Cashiers in invoicing. Our POS Software will make managing dine-in, online orders, take-out, delivery, discounts, multiple printer support, kitchen order tokens (KOT App), and much more much easier for your business. Customize your sales invoice with your company's logo and design.

Fast Billing using keyboard input also is available. Enables fast billing with item code or name input type.

Kitchen Order Tokens

Kitchen Order Tokens

An automated KOT system saves time and effort while also providing real-time order information and being simple to use. Depending on your setup, one or more kitchen order ticket system can be printed from a single order and directed to one or more kitchens. Hold bill option available to enable fast moving queues. It may be operated via our mobile app via POS software, which has improved table turnaround time by lowering order processing and delivery time, as well as eliminating to and back walks to the kitchen. A single order may contain several products related to different kitchens, which will be sent straight to their kitchen printer, whereas KOT will only have those goods that are relevant to their kitchen.

Wastage & Theft control

Wastage & Theft control

Bigdbiz's restaurant POS software includes stock management to detect wastage and prevent theft. Based on previous consumption and sales estimates, you may forecast your food production plan. Bigdbiz restaurant billing software can also aid in the prevention of fraud and loss prevention. Our POS Software can also access and adjust your menu to ensure that your meals are priced correctly based on client demand and food costs, maximizing income.



Release coupons, vouchers, promotional SMS, happy hour specials, personalised offers for regulars, corporate, and more with Bigdbiz restaurant billing software to attract more diners and keep them coming back. Alert and Wish customers for anniversary birthdays with the previous order history. With our adaptable Crm software, you can keep track of all your customer information in one spot. Build long-term relationships with clients by making the most of their order history information. Create a master database of all your consumers and target them with targeted campaigns based on their purchasing habits, behavior, and loyalty.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Our POS Software is designed to examine, control, and manage the full stock of inventory, and includes an editing tool that allows users to make real-time changes. If you have a Central Kitchen, you can easily control stock circulation based on each outlet's stock requirements.

It also allows you to specify raw material re-order levels so that you can place an order before the item runs out of supply. Purchase Orders can be created directly in the restaurant management software. As soon as the Purchase Order is raised, an automatic email is sent to the suppliers, and it remains open until all of the items are delivered to the outlet.

Receipe Management

Receipe Management

Bigdbiz restaurant management system makes it simple to maintain consistency in taste, quality, and quantity of every products. It enables you to create a standard recipe for each item that is followed throughout all locations, ensuring that the prepared food is consistent every time, even when various chefs are preparing it. When the estimated and actual outputs are compared, the efficiency of the chef is determined, as well as the cause of the variation.

Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Managing Bigdbiz POS Software is not a complex job because everything can be controlled from anywhere. You can run your business from anywhere using his smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Furthermore, with a cloud-based restaurant POS system like Bigbiz Restaurant POS, you won't have to worry about your system collapsing and losing all of your important data. Remote management of operations is also possible with cloud-based restaurant management systems.

Feed Back Form

Feed Back Form

Receiving and storing customer feedback is integrated with the Bigdbiz Restaurant POS software, and you may reach out to the appropriate individual immediately. Customers compliments should be acknowledged and redressed, just as they should be acknowledged and redressed when they complain. Easily track and compare comments and visitor satisfaction across locations with this customer feedback. This will elevate your restaurant's status in the eyes of your customers.



  • Web / Windows based application
  • Easy Interface for quick billing with or without touch screen
  • Manual Price Control, selection of price for items with multiple Prices
  • Create multiple price lists; accept payments in different payment modes.
  • Easily handle Dine-In, Take Away and Home Delivery orders.
  • Take orders over the phone and track your home delivery orders via APP
  • View your items category wise, search filters for easy search.
  • Manage Receipe and track food items wastage
  • The best flexibility this billing software offers you is the ability to define your own workflow for your order management.
  • Print your Sales Invoice & order slip like document on two printers at the same time
  • This pos billing software system for Restaurants manages your tables very efficiently. You can specify number of tables you have in your restaurant and number of people that can sit on each table.
  • KOTs (Kitchen Order Tokens) can be printed for the items grouped counter wise on same or various different printers on the network

Main Modules


  • Table Management - Manage status of every table in your restaurant
  • Recipe Management - Retain Quality and Quantity of Food Manufactured. Anti-Theft and Wastage Control.
  • Set Prices for Combo or Discount
  • KOT Form - Our KOT App send fast Order Tokens to kitchen directly via Screen Display & Prints
  • POS Billing - Button user interface for quick billing with or without touch screen
  • Stock & Inventory Management
  • HRM
  • CRM
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Add-On Modules:

– Expense Mgmt.

– Mobile App

– Invoice & DC

– E-mail Campaign

– Auto E-mail & SMS Reminders

– Accounting Module