Production Management

Production Management

Production Planning with Recipe Settings

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Manage Raw & Finished Goods Inventory, Stock Distribution

POS Billing Solution

POS Billing Software

Easily manage Billing for shop with/without barcode

Pre-Order Booking

Advance Order Booking

Functions/Party Order Management System

Centralised Kitchen

Planning Production

Manage all your Sweet/Icecream outlets from one central kitchen. Control inventory needs and purchase orders for all outlets from a single screen in a few simple clicks.

Recipe Settings for optimized efficiency and quality assurance at every stage of the supply chain.

Receive Advance Order Notifications, Corporate Orders etc.,


Receive from Godown

Request Stock from Godown based on Planning


Receipe Formula

Calculate Raw materials required for Item Production


Stock Transfer to shop

Standardised stock transfer and Request based stock transfers


Recieve Stock Returns

Receive Returned Damaged, Fungus, Excess Stock from Shop

Godown/Store Mangement

Manage Inventory

Bigdbiz inventory management system records item-wise inventory and tracks the consumption rate so that you never run out of your secret ingredients.

Analyse inventory consumption data. Tracks your inventory expiry dates, wastage and pilferage.

Restock your inventory, manage raw material stock levels and item conversion costs

POS Billing Software

Touchscreen or Keyboard

Quick Billing like Keyboard/Touch-based POS Billing Screens. Customise Bills with your logo, create bill break-ups, edit customer details.

Multi-terminal billing, easily create multiple billing counters and generate bills with/without KOT

Works both Online & offline, its cloud-based software. Discount, Hold bill, barcode options available

Book Functions & Party Order

get Web/App

Easily accept & manage advance Function/Party order while keeping track with notification of the delivery date. Inbuilt CRM for Customer Management

Accept multiple times of Payments like Advance and Final Settlements. Track with Bill prints & Cake Instructions, messages on cake etc.,

Note Occassions, Delivery Location, Discounts, Paymode, Packing type & Delivery Date/Time.


More to Explore in ERP software

Inventory Management

Manage both Raw & Finshed Stock. PO, Purchase, Low stock & Buffer Stock Management

Digital Menu

QR-code menu for table and ordering. Easy Menu items update and direct kitchen ordering

Order Web & App

Easily Book Party/Cake Orders. Note Payments, get reminders on orders.

Demo Video

Bakery Management Software Modules

Recipe Management
Raw Material Management
Raw Material Minimum Purchase Level Alert
Automatic Goods Inward Records
Store Items Inward & Outward Management
Multi Store Transfer Management & Reports
Third Party Supply Chain Management
Retail / Store Billing
Point Of Sales
Cake Order Management
Automatic Goods Receive Note
Inter Stock Transfer Management
Interval/Dayclose Business Report
All Reports Management
Owner App
Expense Management
Cake Order App
Cake Catalogue App
Invoice & DC
Accounting Module
Auto E-mail & SMS Reminders


  • What is Bigdbiz Bakery Management Software,
    and how can it benefit my bakery?

    Bigdbiz Bakery Management Software is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for bakeries and confectionery businesses. It offers modules for production management, inventory management, POS billing, pre-order booking, and centralized kitchen management. By integrating these functionalities into one platform, our software helps streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve customer service.

  • How does Bigdbiz Bakery Management Software
    assist in production planning and management?

    Our software provides advanced features for production planning with recipe settings, allowing you to optimize efficiency and maintain quality at every stage of the supply chain. With modules for recipe management, raw material management, and stock transfer, you can streamline production processes and ensure consistent product quality.

  • Can Bigdbiz Bakery Management Software
    help in inventory management for bakeries?

    Yes, Bigdbiz Bakery Management Software enables seamless management of both raw and finished goods inventory. With features for stock distribution, consumption rate tracking, and inventory analysis, our software helps you maintain optimal inventory levels, reduce wastage, and track expiry dates effectively.

  • What POS billing features does
    Bigdbiz Bakery Management Software offer?

    Our POS billing solution provides quick and easy billing for your bakery, whether you're using a touchscreen or keyboard interface. With features like multi-terminal billing, discount options, and barcode support, our software simplifies billing operations and enhances customer service.

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