Production Management

Production Management

Production Planning with Sampling & Costing

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Manage Fabric, buttons, tags stock, apparels etc

Time & Action

Time & Action

Taking action on deadlines and providing ratings on stakeholders

LR Management

LR Management

LR Management for Logistic & Transport of Goods.

Textile ERP Software

Production Planning, T&A

Bigdbiz Textile ERP for Garments and the apparel manufacturing industry, perfectly aligning with the Inventory, Production Planning & Stake holders Management and addressing your most critical business and technical requirements

From Purchase of Raw materials, Inventory management, Sampling and costing, Drafting Requirement Sheet, Pre - cutting Process, Master Cutting and Stock Inwards

Stock Tracking on Process like Cutting, Stitiching, Embroidery, Job Work or Outsourcing- Stock and Process Tracking, Employee Salary Management, Costing and Process Tracking, Finishing Process, Stage wise Report and All MIS Reports

Sampling & Costing

Estimate BOM

Bigdbiz Textile ERP estimates Sampling, Costing & BOM for bulk orders with Style details.

Analyse inventory consumption data. Tracks your Suppliers,Inventory, dead stock details.

Plan the Production Process, estimate the costing with currency options

Cutting Process

Job card vs Actual Receive

Cutting Process Issue and Receive Stock Tracking

Estimate the Cutting Fabric receive with jobcard with Fabric Stock Issue

Enter the Actual Recieved Inventory with missing or damaged stock details along with reason like Fabric Roll Width-shortage etc.,

JobWorker/In-house Production Tracking

Inventory & Employee Cost

Whether it is Jobwork Process or Inhouse, easily track Stock Issue and Receive with Stock Value.

Compare Receivables with Actual Recieved and track Stock Outstanding

Manage business easily with Time & Action Module, App notification on deadlines, rating on Supplier and Employee perfomance

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Textile ERP Software Modules

Specialised in
Textile Apparel / Garment Manufacturing
Inventory, Sales & Accounting Software
HRM - Attendance, Payroll Software
Reports & Notification - Android App
Supplier Management System
Distribution Management System
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Benefits of Textile ERP
Targeted IT Costs
Overall Visibility
Flexible modularity
Brings down lead time
Source Enhancement
Enhanced Collaboration also Workflows
Standardized Business Procedures
Track Fabric process
Improved Planning also Reporting
Better Supply Chain Management
Simplified Regulatory Compliance
Excellent Scalability
Helps in Production cycle
Accounting Module


  • What is Bigdbiz Textile ERP, and how does it
    benefit garment manufacturers?

    Bigdbiz Textile ERP is a specialized software solution designed for garment and apparel manufacturing industries. It facilitates efficient management of inventory, production planning, and stakeholder coordination. By streamlining processes from purchase to production, our ERP system enhances productivity and reduces operational costs.

  • How does Bigdbiz Textile ERP assist in production
    planning and management?

    Bigdbiz Textile ERP provides advanced features for production planning, including sampling and costing functionalities. It helps estimate bills of materials (BOM), analyze inventory consumption data, and plan production processes effectively. With customizable options and currency support, garment manufacturers can optimize production workflows and maximize efficiency.

  • Can Bigdbiz Textile ERP help in tracking the
    cutting process and managing job workers?

    Yes, Bigdbiz Textile ERP offers modules for tracking the cutting process, issuing job cards, and managing stock receipts. It enables garment manufacturers to track inventory and employee costs, compare receivables with actual receipts, and manage production tasks efficiently. The Time & Action module provides app notifications for deadlines and allows rating of supplier and employee performance.

  • What are the key modules and benefits of Bigdbiz
    Textile ERP for garment manufacturers?

    Bigdbiz Textile ERP specializes in textile apparel and garment manufacturing, offering modules for inventory, sales, accounting, HRM, reports, supplier management, distribution management, and CRM. The ERP system provides targeted IT costs, overall visibility into operations, flexible modularity, enhanced collaboration, standardized business procedures, improved planning and reporting, better supply chain management, simplified regulatory compliance, scalability, and support for production cycles.

  • Is Bigdbiz Textile ERP suitable for both small-scale
    and large-scale garment manufacturers?

    Absolutely, Bigdbiz Textile ERP caters to the needs of garment manufacturers of all sizes. Whether you're a small workshop or a large industrial facility, our ERP system can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and scale with your business growth.

  • How can garment manufacturers get started
    with Bigdbiz Textile ERP?

    Getting started with Bigdbiz Textile ERP is straightforward. Contact us to schedule a demo, and our team will guide you through the setup process and demonstrate how our ERP system can benefit your garment manufacturing operations. We offer customized solutions and ongoing support to ensure the success of your business.

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