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Textile Management Software

The Textile ERP Software system integrates varied organizational systems and facilitates error-free transactions and production with. Bigdbiz, 's one of the leading Textile ERP Software solution company that offers a true cloud-based solution for various kind of Textile manufacturing sectors. Our intuitive, responsive, and elegant Apparel Production Management software system ensures that your business operations are successfully executed. Bigdbiz textile apparel software is an ideal software for garment manufacturing company that matches the precise functionality required to meet your most pressing business and technical needs. With teams, vendors, manufacturers and production sites spread all over. Bigdbiz Textile spinning software has all modules from Spinning, Weaving, Warping till Grey cloth manufacturing.

Bigdbiz textile ERP software System is built to deliver industry-specific functionality on time and support processes that are critical to your business. Users can securely access information from a wide range of browsers and devices. With flexible deployment options, Bigdbiz Textile ERP Software is best for apparel manufacturing company and lets you run your business in the cloud, or on-premise. Factories, offices and users can access information in real-time from anywhere, through a web browser.


  • Pay Roll Accounting
  • Cotton Purchase & Raw Material A/c
  • Store’s Purchase Order Processing
  • Stores Stock Maintenance
  • Yarn Sales, Waste Sales & Analysis
  • Sales Export Documentation(Optional)
  • Financial Accounting
  • Production & Waste Monitoring
  • Waste Stock Accounting
  • Finished Goods Stock Accounting
  • Energy Accounting
  • Labour Engagement
  • Machine Maintenance(Preventive, Breakdown, Special)
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Costing – Standard and Budgeting
  • Spin Plan
  • Daily Profit & Loss



  • Collaborate across all factories and locations online with Bigdbiz garment software.


  • Production tracking tools in Bigdbiz apparel ERP software increase output and prevent product delays.


  • Simple and effective costing with budget controls reduce material cost & wastages.


  • Track materials, improve material utilization and optimize use of existing stock with Bigdbiz Garment software.


  • Flexible Dashboards and reporting tools in Bigdbiz garment software enable better decision making.

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  • Pay Roll Accounting (Salary & Wages)
  • Cloth Order Booking and Tracking
  • Raw Material Planning and Purchase Order processing
  • Raw Material Accounting (Yarn Purchase Accounting)
  • Store’s Purchase Order Processing
  • Store’s Accounting (Spares Purchase and Issues, Dye purchase and Issues)
  • Sales Invoicing, Complete Sales Analysis
  • Financial Accounting
  • Job Work Order Processing
  • Production Planning
  • Production Monitoring and Waste Control (Warping, Sizing, Weaving and Inspection)
  • Finishing Process
  • Waste Stock Accounting
  • Beam Stock Management
  • Finished Goods Stock Accounting
  • Machinery Maintenance consisting of Preventive, Breakdown, Special Maintenance and Analysis
  • Electrical Maintenance

We are Specialized in...

Textile Fabric Production

(Shirts / Pants / Jeans Pants / Kids Wear / Ladies Wear)

Inventory / Sales & Accounting System

(Retail / Wholesale)

HRM - Attendance / Payroll System

(Monthly / Weekly / Daily basis salary calculation)

Marketing - Android App

(Track Marketing Employee)

Distribution / Supplier Management System

Billing Software

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Benefits Of ERP Software

  • Targeted IT Costs
  • Overall Visibility
  • Flexible modularity
  • Brings down lead time
  • Superior Efficiency processing
  • Customer Service
  • Helps in Production cycle as well as in purchase
  • Data Quality as well as Security
  • Source Enhancement
  • Enhanced Collaboration also Workflows
  • Standardized Business Procedures
  • Simplified Regulatory Compliance
  • Better Supply Chain Management
  • Excellent Scalability
  • Improved Planning also Reporting
  • Track Fabric process

Textile & Apparel Industry Challenges

Textile industry faces a number of challenges in key business operations like customers’ need, inventory control, and cost management. Only an automated ERP software has the ability to deliver better visibility and insights into main business operations. Bigdbiz is the Best Software Solution for Textiles Industries


Textile companies are huge and divided into various departments. Scheduling machines cycle times and batch sizes are a challenging one. ERP enables efficient collaboration and communications.

From one to many

The textile industry uses a few raw materials to manufacture countless finished products. It must be done efficiently and in real time.


Searching a particular fiber or yarn lot across the manufacturing processes starting from a finished good.

Inventory Management

From manufacturing to sales, Inventory Management is the key to efficicent business process. Best ERP system for the Textile will assure hassle-free order management and improved customer satisfaction.

Short delivery time

Long production processes and short delivery time needs planning concepts driven from a partially defined demand and not from a finished item. It will be easily done by ERP Software System.


For making fulfilled business decisions, it is important for industry to analyze reports on regular intervals. Hence having a ERP system at one place that exactly generates relevant reports in real time is a privilege.

Textile Apparel ERP Software

The features Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Fabric Damage

Track Fabric Damage Reasons / Width Shortage

Bigdbiz Textile Software allows user to find out the reason for Wastage. Whether it is by Width Shortage or Fabric Damage at the time of each Staging of Process. Our Textile ERP includes all process (Cutting, Stitching, Iorning, Disptach etc) with inventory management. Our apparel management system helps to manage Jobworks transactions like stock in and stock out. Our ERP system fulfills all the apparel production needs

Current Status/Stage

Track Current Status/Stage of a "Lot"

User can easily track a "Lot" Stage / Process. I.E: Whether the LOT is in Stiching stage, Kaja/Buttoning etc.,

Control Fabric / Production Wastage

Can Control Fabric / Production Wastage

User can track and Control Fabric Wastage on Each stage of process, like, Width Shortage, Cutting Master, End-Bit Fabric etc.,

Minimum Stock

Minimum Stock(Raw Material) alert by SMS / Email

The user/admin will receive the Stock Minimum alert by SMS/Email. This helps user to get ready in advance for new purchase.

Reduce Labor Cost

Reduce Labor Cost / Paper work and increase your profit and efficiency growth

The Automised Process and easy tracking feature reduce labor cost and paper work. The wastage reduction leads into high increase in Profit and growth efficiency

Multi branch/unit support

Multi branch/unit support

Being at one place user can manage and track the function of Branch. User can control even when he is remote from his location by the web-based feature. User can control his business with his Mobile/Tablet/Laptop from anywhere

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Textile Production Management System

Textile Production Process

Textile Production Process

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Textile Trading Management System