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Priyadharshini from Bigdbiz Solutions Private Limited Explain the details about ERP system. Types of services available, like, ERP Product, ERP Customisation, ERP Consultation. For various Domains, TEXTILE, HOTELS, BAKERY, RESTAURANT & BAR, FMCG AND AGRO INDUSTRIES. Software available from simple POS Billing till Manufacturing process. Read More

Bigdbiz Sales Order app developed for Marketing Persons and it is guaranteed to improve efficiency of your sales person. It Includes Sales Order booking, Outstanding management, customer profiling. Read More

Most of the business persons like you, have this doubt in your mind, do all those marketing people really working up to their mark. It becomes hectic for the people like you to find your employee's exact location at that time. We, at Bigdbiz worked with top-most tycoons from micro to macro level with unlike domain verticals and also found a simple tracking solution in the form of App namely The Employee Track App.Read More

Streamline your B2B sales by empowering your Wholesale Customers & Sales Reps to place / take orders on the App ( vendor order app ) is developed by Bigdbiz. Now, they can view your product catalog / price-list & place orders on the Bigdbiz Branded App or Your Custom Branded Bigdbiz Vendor App that is B2B order app. Read More