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Streamline your B2B sales by empowering your Wholesale Customers & Sales Reps to place / take orders on the App ( vendor order app ) is developed by Bigdbiz. Now, they can view your product catalog / price-list & place orders on the Bigdbiz Branded App or Your Custom Branded Bigdbiz Vendor App that is B2B order app. Read More

Stock Requesting and Gathering the various Stock request is one of the daily procedures made from own Branches or Wholesale or Franchise or even other Corporates with our B2B order app - vendor order app. Read More

Bigdbiz is well designed organization so as to be a collaborator and trailblazers to do business in their journey of transformation, identify new development opportunities and smooth the progress of meeting the demands.Read More

Our Laundry Management Software is a system application program which helps to smoothen and manage the dry cleaners and laundry business management service workflow such as laundry record keeping, manage daily tasks, laundry billing, pos, collection, delivery, sales analytics and dashboards, integration with services like SMS, Email and WhatsApp, etc. It has turn out to be a boon for the laundry business. Read More