There’s a lot of competition in food businesses today. One wrong ingredient and you can end up making a mess. The most common myth revolving around shifting to technology is that it’s an expensive and exhausting exercise. However, that’s not true if you know what technology to choose for your bakery. Once you have the right technology in place, you can manage your bakery like never before and increase sales overnight.

Bakery Management System

Now that your bakery is up and running, let’s dig a little deeper into the Bakery Management System. Everything from order management to delivery is all taken care of by a Bakery Management System. Operations become more organized and less time-consuming. POS systems today have features and functions that don’t necessarily require much manual work.

The different features and software that constitute Bakery Management System are

Maximize your Bakery Efficiency using ERP

Cloud POS system

POS systems today have come a long way. It’s no more synonymous to the billing system anymore. There are various other functions associated with POS systems today. You can use mobile handheld POS systems in your bakery. Orders are generated instantly and automated KOTs are sent to the kitchen. Cloud POS systems work offline, give real-time updates and are highly secure. They are operational on mobile phones and tablets.

Order management

Your bakery dashboard will show you all incoming orders, be it from your own website, through calls or via online third-party food aggregators and delivery apps. All orders can be regulated and managed in one place. You can access orders from anywhere without having to be physically present at your bakery.

Online Ordering System

Having an online food ordering system for your bakery has its own perks. You’ll have your bakery’s own website and mobile App. This will give you room to showcase your brand better. There will be no restrictions or guidelines that you’ll be bound by. You can update and regulate your bakery’s menu as and when required with just a few clicks.

Customer Relationship Management

You collect your own customer data which can then be used for CRM programs. Text and email campaigns can be customized according to customer behavior. Customers can be classified into groups based on factors like frequency of orders, age and more. People will visit your bakery often if you have a strong CRM system.

Sales and Accounting

Finance and account management helps in regular tracking of your bakery’s sale and expenses. Stock purchase and inventory management become simplified. Better insight is gained on profitable and best-selling items, profits and much more.

Employee management

Employee management helps keep a close check on employee activities and shifts. It has features like basic information, work schedule, payroll details, etc., of each employee working at your bakery.

Data reports

The bakery management system provides you with your bakery’s data. Daily sales, staff, accounting, customer, delivery reports and more can be run on your bakery’s POS system. Data comparison is another feature that will give you a better insight into your ways and methods. All information is on a single platform and can be accessed from anywhere.

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