Bigdbiz Solutions June 27, 2023

Textile ERP handles marketing, sales forecasting, planning, merchandising, weaving, processing, raw material procurement, finished goods production, logistics, finance, secondary sales and disposal follow-up methods.

Bigdbiz Solutions July 4, 2023

After textile factories were digitized, the supply chain and IT operations management became much more sustainable. The machines that fabricate garments are programed to produce garments of similar quality.

Bigdbiz Solutions June 23, 2022

Digital disruptions are redefining the textile business from product sourcing, labor, and supply chain to sales and distribution. Client behavior and preferences can be modified quickly.

Bigdbiz Solutions July 4, 2022

Textiles are used in a variety of industries, including fashion, bedding, interior design, healthcare, and even automobiles.

Bigdbiz Solutions June 25, 2022

Most economic footwear and garment business owners will tell you their ERP software plays an integral part in their success.

Bigdbiz Solutions June 28, 2022

There are many operational complexities, especially when it comes to inventory, ranging from sourcing through sales, warehouse management, and distribution.