A menu with QR code is a restaurant menu that can be read directly on the user smartphone, by scanning a QR code.
The restaurant publishes the menu online and creates a QR code that they put on the tables. The users can simply scan the QR code with their mobile phone and the menu is displayed. QR code menus are replacing paper menus because they offer many advantages.
Yes, sure, one of the advantages is that you can edit the menu at any time, without having to reprint anything.
On Android or iOS you can simply open the Camera app in order to scan the QR code. Then the menu is displayed in your browser, like a normal web page. You don't need to download any app to read the QR code or the menu.
You can place the QR code on the tables: for example you can use a business card and place card holders or you can use some stickers. Otherwise you can use a large QR code at the entrance or in any other visible place.
Yes, thousands of restaurants already use a QR code menu and you can see many of them on our website. In Italy many restaurants have replaced the paper menu with a QR code menu during the pandemic.