Bigdbiz provide ERP Software for Textile, Bakery/Sweet & Restaurant business

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Bigdbiz is a global leader in IT Solutions. Our services are fully customized to meet client requirments.

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Bigdbiz is one of the reputed ERP Software and App development company since 2014. We help customers to do business better by leveraging our industry wide domain expertise, technology expertise and to develop leading edge software solution.

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Bigdbiz Software Products

Customised ERP

Textile ERP

Streamline your clothing production from yarn to finished garments with our comprehensive software solution. Manage every step seamlessly, from spinning and weaving to manufacturing, for an efficient and integrated process.

Bakery / Sweet shop ERP

Effortlessly handle bakery operations with our simplified software. Manage POS billing, production, centralized kitchen, KOT, and control wastage and theft seamlessly.

Restaurant ERP

Optimize your bakery with a tailored solution: Fast Billing, Kitchen Order Display Management, Table Management, and Digital Menu, featuring seamless POS Billing and KOT App integration. Enhance efficiency and customer experience!

Ecommerce Website

Start Online shopping eCommerce Website & App. Enjoy features like Payment Gateway, Admin Software & Dashboard. Best website development company in market. Starts from ₹300 per month

B2B Order App

Streamlined Order Management for Wholesalers, Retailers, and Dealers. Enjoy Multiple Price Tiers, Employee Order Tracking, and Vendor Employee Order Management for seamless business operations.

POS Billing Software

POS Billing software designed to reduce cost, increase profits and grow your retail store. With Bigdbiz retail POS, managing transactions is easy and efficient.Explore our user-friendly POS billing software for shops.


Why Choose Bigdbiz

Well Documented

Effective documentation is essential for software users

For ERP Software

Invest in documentation to save time and costs in the long term

Tailored-made Software

The flexibility of Bigdbiz Software with customizable solutions.


We specialize in adapting products to specific client demands, ensuring a perfect fit for entities

Innovative Team

Our team is always on the search for better, faster, and less expensive software development methods.

Creat New Ideas

our software teams, researching and testing out different approaches is a pleasant challenge via ERP software and apps.

24/7 Support

Bigdbiz is a proactive developer, promoter, and provider of robust 24/7 support software solutions

Weekend Support

Customers can seek assistance via chat or through the ticketing system.

Affordable Prices

Businesses are destined for profitability with the Bigdbiz solution.

Budget friendly

Cost of developing ERP software or apps is cost-effective. We offer software across various domains at budget-friendly prices.

Well-planned Devlopment

Our software starts with a plan and a clear process in place.

Great Experience

With a track record of serving individuals, startups, and organizations, we bring years of valuable experience to the table.

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