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Best Billing & ERP Software in India - Textile Industry, Food, FMCG

Every day, businesses make important choices to grow and do well. They want to make more money, no matter how big they are or what they do. Bigdbiz has really good software called ERP that helps companies with their needs now and in the future. It also follows the rules of their industry. People from all over the world use our special and creative ways to make software. This software helps with making bills and is really good quality.

Bigdbiz has control options for making bakery stuff and for billing in stores, making orders in restaurants and food places, making things in the textile industry, and making mobile apps for Android and iPhones. We help with software for many businesses like textile, bakery, restaurants, hotels, bars, eye care, and laundry. We were the first to make software for Halal Certification and our FMCG Software helps with giving things out to stores for big and small companies.

We have special features that turn business numbers into reports and pictures. Our team makes cool apps for iPhones and Android phones. We help with ideas, design, making the app, testing it, and getting it out there.

We're a company that makes custom software. We want to make things better for our clients by using special software, making apps, and other computer services. We want to make clients happy and help their businesses grow. We're proud to be the best company for software services.

About Bigdbiz

Become the Best-Run Business

No matter your industry or line of business.

Bigdbiz is dedicated to assisting you in embracing cutting-edge technologies, enabling you to transform insights into immediate actions throughout your business and achieve optimal operational efficiency.

Tailored software for your need

Bigdbiz offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises, midsize companies, and small businesses.

Why Choose BIGDBIZ

Our Main Goal is to transform the way that you do business with our ERP software, Ecommerce, Android/IOS Apps and other IT services

Well Documented

Reliable documentation is always a must. It provides easier understanding of software at the beginning and a reference for later accesses. Documentation will definitely save time and money in the long run. It helps you track activities related to the ERP Software and increases the quality of operations to ease usage of ERP Software.

Tailor-made Software

With Bigdbiz Software customization, standard features can be adapted to a clients’ specific needs or requirements. Every products are unique. We make customization based on customers’ demands, for instance, specific requirements of an entity or an administration, allow to cover their needs.

How we are different?

Our software starts with a plan and a clear process in place. Our approach to deliver the software to a client is completely unique. We have worked for people, startups, and organizations, and have years of experience. Our team is always learning and upgrading in order to keep up with the industry.

Bigdbiz Support 24/7

Innovative Team

We guarantee that our team is always on the search for better, faster, and less expensive software development methods. In short, they create new ideas. For our software teams, researching and testing out different approaches is a pleasant challenge via ERP software's and apps.

Affordable prices

Businesses are supposed to be profitable with the Bigdbiz solution, and the cost of developing a ERP software or app is reasonable. We provides software for various domains with affordable prices.

24 / 7 Support

Bigdbiz is a proactive developer, promoter, and provider of robust 24/7 support software solutions. Every issue our customers have is assured to receive a quality, trustworthy answer in the shortest time possible. They can apply via chat or through the ticketing system.

Our ERP Software Products

Textile ERP

Textile ERP

Bakery Management

Bakery Management

Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management



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So if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, the time is now.

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Our Awards


Received Awards For Excellence of Software Service from Our Client,
Halal India Pvt. Ltd.,


JCI announced Kamal Patra Award for 2016 to
Bigdbiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

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Bigdbiz Food ERP Explanation,
Food PRO 2017


Bigdbiz ERP Explanation,
Business Pannalam 2016


Bigdbiz ERP Explanation,
Business Pannalam 2016

Client Talks


ERP software incorporates the practical systems used by my comp any to manage the basic commercial functions of my business. All my branches & franchises are under my control.This system helps to maintain follow-ups and high standards of accuracy

Mr. Navaneethan, General Manager

"The best Laundry App I have ever come across.It helps keeps track of my clients contacts,deliveries etc.Customer support is also excellent.I recommend to everyone."

Boateng Darkwa, Managing Director
Rose Laundry

"We are from SEKHAR SWEETS madanapalle, chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh state.( One of the best software company I have never seen before. There are highly talented developers are there. Within 1 or 2 hours they will rectify the issues and need to add or update anything means too short time they will deploy the latest code. In night also they will respond and they suggest best for us. Very friendly staff. Thank you pratheep sir for providing best software for POS, Payroll, Production, Store."

Sadiq Khan, Manager
Sekhar Sweets

We’re so relieved that a lot of the work is automated and we can focus on more important things." Awesome customizable Halal Management software, Really appreciatable out of box service, my all india team access this software. The development and support team understand the core and provide good support and new updations.

Mr. Abdul Waseem, Accounts Head

Finally I found the customized software for Textile Production System that suits my business, comprising responsive layout where I can manage/track my business through mobile also. I replaced my leading brand software with Bigdbiz for its Client-oriented customization and timing support.

Mr. Kadhir, General Manager